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  • Alfa Romeo
  • Chrysler
  • Fiat Auto
  • Ford
  • Mitsubishi Motors

Banking & Capital Markets

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  • AgStar Financial Services
  • Citibank
  • Faros Infrastructure Partners
  • Paradigm Equities


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  • Bright & Klass Consulting
  • Ernst & Young
  • Faros Infrastructure Partners
  • Westford LLC

  • Saatchi & Saatchi

Consumer Goods

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  • Arcor
  • Gatorade
  • Levi's


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  • Eni
  • QE International
  • YPF


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  • Expatcare
  • PAHO
  • St. Luke's Hospital

Information Technology

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  • AtCom Media
  • Creative Labs
  • IBM
  • InterNexus
  • i-Quest Solutions

  • Mediaworks Technologies


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  • Aegon
  • Aon Insurance
  • ONVZ
  • Peyalo

Manufacturing & Distribution

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  • Brightstar Corp.
  • Libeco Lagae
  • SteadCo.

Media & Entertainment

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  • Endemol
  • Greycord Entertainment
  • Megan Records

Natural Resources

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  • A2Sea
  • De Santos
  • M7 Technologies
  • Superwind


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  • Biocartis
  • ISA Pharmaceutical
  • Lumenis
  • Mallinckrodt
  • QPS

Real Estate

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  • Alamos Realty
  • APSA Sul
  • Colfax Realty
  • PDG S.A.


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  • Maxeda
  • Otto
  • Walmart
  • Zalando


Warehousing & Transportation

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  • All Go Group
  • Bobac C.F.S.
  • CargoTeam International
  • DFDS Logistics
  • WIM




Mainward provides services ranging from custom application development, deployment, and integration to corrective maintenance, new releases management, and back-up recovery management. Offering comprehensive range of R&D, architecture and engineering services, at Mainward we deliver complex end-to-end solutions and critical products.

Development Key Roles


Our teams of experts provide design, implementation, and support expertise to enhance the way you develop, deploy, and manage applications to run your business. Leveraging industry standard flexible and scalable application platforms, we help you align IT with your business goals to increase speed to market and improve your business choice.


We ensure that you have access to the best available skills and technical knowledge required to build a high quality architecture. Our application architects will provide you technical guidance throughput the entire project.

Our consultants typically function as technical leads and sometimes project managers until implementation. At that point, they gracefully transition their role to your staff on a schedule that you feel comfortable with.


We provide full lifecycle product engineering services, from analysis to rollout. Our application engineering services are structured around the areas application architecture & development, engineering process & organization, and engineering tools & methodology.

Our experts perform efficiency analysis reviews, define an action plan for addressing the weak spots of the organization and engineering process chain, and help implementing the action plan.

At Mainward we specialize in developing solutions that meet
the most challenging IT problems.

We provide instruction and mentoring at critical stages in the project including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Use case analysis
  • Architecture and design reviews
  • Modeling and design activities
  • Project organization and software layering
  • Toolset and framework usage
  • Source usage and control
  • Coding and testing activities
  • Security enforcement
  • Regression testing and quality assurance

Full lifecycle product development services


We add value to our customers’ businesses by designing and implementing scalable, reliable, robust, secure, and easily maintainable business applications. Our customized application solutions provide:

  • Value-based multi-service solutions to the business-specific requirements
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness
  • Decreased IT support costs
  • Increased transaction volumes while concurrently reducing cycle time


  • Mainward


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